1. A wax to polish and shine your car
    Put some wax on a cloth and rub the body of the car with it. Your car will be bright like a new car. Be careful to read the manual first because a misuse of wax can instead remove the shine to the paint on the car, so be careful.

Do you want to buy a wax to polish a car now?

Here’s the perfect wax to deliver a brilliant shine to the body and bring out the color of your car. In the box you have a microfiber cloth and an applicator pad provided.

  1. Wash your car smoothly for incomparable brilliance
    To shine your car it is important to wash it gently and especially with good products and cleaning accessories to avoid damaging the bodywork.

When washing your car, always use sponges or rags that are soft to avoid scratching the bodywork and thus removing shine from the paint. Ask a professional to buy the right cleaning products according to the type of body and paint of the car. Shining a car is easy, but the opposite too!

  1. How to shine the headlights of your car?
    How about an easy and quick trick to shine the headlights of the car? Toothpaste … Yes, you read that correctly. 🙂

To succeed this homemade toothpaste trick here is what to do:

Spread the toothpaste on the headlights
Cover the entire surface of the headlights of the car
With a soft cloth rub the headlights with toothpaste
Rinse and dry well to finish cleaning
In the end headlights clean and bright as if the car was leaving the car garage.
You can also choose to purchase a microfiber wash glove.

  1. Use high pressure washing
    To thoroughly clean the car and make it shine like a new car pressure cleaning is probably the ideal solution.

Of course you can go directly to a service station or washing company for such a pressure cleaning but or buy a high-pressure cleaner. There are models of high pressure cleaners that can be used both for the car but also to clean the deck and siding.

Here is a model of high pressure cleaner Bosh brand that can be used for the car but also to clean the terrace and other surfaces.

  1. Shine a black car with a chamois
    Do you have a black car? You probably know then that it is very difficult to remove all the water stains and dirt on a car a black body. Chamois leather is undoubtedly the best solution to shine and shine a black car but also all other dark colors. All you need is a soft car soap and a chamois leather to dry and gloss the body.

Black cars and other very dark cars are often difficult to clean well. There are soaps and waxes specially designed to clean and shine a black car that you can use before drying with this chamois

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